Massage Room Kawasemi


We give massage to a body that has warmed up and been relaxed in hot springs and make a relaxing time more satisfactory. An experience massager performs massage by hands using skilled techniques.

Purpose of Treatment

Through soft manual therapy, chiropractic massage carefully relieves distortion, twist, and tension in the body, puts the skeleton back to the normal position, and gets rid of everyday fatigue.

Massage is recommended for those who have the following experiences and worries.

  • Headaches caused by a twisted spine and tension (especially, office workers using a PC)
  • Migraine and nausea due to a bad stiff shoulder and neck (housewives, women)
  • Walking difficulty due to sciatica caused by lower back pain (elderly persons)
  • Insomnia due to frozen shoulders accompanying pain in arms (persons in their 40s~70s who are in the prime of working life)
  • Fatigue that can’t be eliminated by sleeping, caused by accumulated tiredness from overwork
  • Only painkillers and compresses are prescribed when visiting a hospital

●Opening Hours:
Weekdays 12:00~18:30
Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays 12:00~19:00

●Regular Closing Days:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

10 minutes…1000 yen
20 minutes…2,000 yen
40 minutes…4,000 yen
60 minutes…6,000 yen

Admission to massage only is allowed. Please call to make a reservation.


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