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Bath,souvenir shop
(Reception for bath closes at 6:00pm)
Reception for bath closes at 9:00pm)
(Last order at 6pm)
(Last order at 3:00pm)
(Last order at 8:00pm)
Wednesday closed
Entrance Fee
Adult - 700yen
Child - 400yen
Infant over 1 - 200yen
Complimentary Rest Area
(20 tatami mat lounge space)
Included in the entrance fee.

Free WiFi service available.
Private rest area
Room for 6 (12 mat) - 3000yen/2hrs
Room for 8 (15 mat) - 4000yen/2hrs
Shoe Lockers
100 yen coin lockers are available (coin is returned after use).
The key is your own responsibility.
Please take care to lock your locker to avoid loss of items.
Vending Machines
Please purchase your admission ticket and other items here.
You may bring your own towel, or otherwise purchase a ticket for one in the vending machine.
Front Desk
Please present your admission ticket here.
Yukata and bath towels are also handed out and returned here.
Rental tatami rooms can be reserved in advanced here.
Changing Room
100 yen coin lockers are available (coin is returned after use).
The key and your valuables are your own responsibility.
Bathing Room
For the benefit of other guests, please wash up using the shower before entering the bath.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hair dryers are provided for your use.
Dinning Area
Free Lounge
Post-Bathing Lounge
There is no time limit on usage of these facilities.
Free WiFi service available.
Please take your time and enter the bath as many times as you like.
Please refrain from bringing your own drinks into the facilities.
Shoe Lockers
If you exit the facilities, you will need another admission ticket to return.
You may go the shop or parking lot without buying a new ticket.
Normally free items that incur a charge during the winter season:
 ・3 hours of bath use are included with the admission ticket.
 ・A purchase of more than 1,000 yen in the shop will be awarded with 1 hour of free bath use.
 ・For time exceeding that stated above, the charge is 300 yen per hour.
 ・Please present your parking ticket when entering the facilities and at the cash register.
 ・We accept no responsibility for any theft or accident that may occur in the parking lot.
When using the facilities, please be careful to avoid injury, accident, and theft.
First aid is available around the bathing area; however, as this is a public bath with many potential guests, please understand we are not able to take responsibility for theft or accident.